Lightning Bug Mascot

Mon-Thu: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sun: 10:00am - 9:00pm

170 Scharberry Lane
Mars, PA 16046

Arcade and Games Prices:

Prices vary per game

Points for Play Cards:

  • Buy $5 and get 50 Points.

Special Packages:

  • Fun Package: Buy $25, get $5 Free for a Total of 300 Points.
  • Super Fun Package: Buy $29, get $7 Free for a Total of 360 Points.
  • Mega Fun Package: Buy $49, get $16 Free! for a Total of 650 Points.
  • Go Crazy Package: Buy $99, get $36 Free for a Total of 1350 Points.
  • Stellar Package: Buy $249, get $101 Free for a Total of 3500 Points.

Attractions Prices

Never expire and are good 7 days a week.

1.Outdoor Miniature Golf Course

New! Two amazing 18-hole courses!

  • $7 per person per round (ages 12 & older)
  • $5 per person per round (ages 5-11)
  • Children 4 yrs. old and younger are free with a paid adult.

2.Lazer Runner Laser Tag

Always open.

  • Designed for 5 years old and over.
  • One Game: $6
  • The Lightning Bug policy allows 1 non-playing unpaid adult to chaperon the area.

3.Lightning Bug Glow Golf

Always open.

  • One Game: $5
  • The Lightning Bug policy allows 1 non-playing unpaid adult to chaperone the course.

4.Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Always open.

  • Players must be 44” and 5 years old to ride.
  • One Ride: $5 or 50 points
  • 6 rides (Same rider or different riders, rides do not expire): $27 (Save $3).

5.Rock Climbing Wall

Always Open - For kids, teens and adults.

  • Climbers must be over 40 lbs and 42" tall.
  • One 5 min climbing session: $5
  • Max Weight: 250 lbs

6.The Lightning Bug Playground

Always Open.

  • Our large indoor playground is always free!
  • Enjoy coffee, regular or flavored lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and baked goods in our coffeehouse while watching your childs on the playground.

Please do not lose your card(s). The Lightning Bug does not replace or refund lost cards.

One 2 hour time Pass + $5 on card = $28

2-hour time passes include all attractions and 4 video games but exclude ticket and prize (crane) games. Attractions are laser tag, indoor 9-hole glow golf, spin zone bumper cars, climbing wall, playground and outdoor 36-hole miniature golf.

Outdoor miniature golf is not open during inclement weather at management’s discretion.

One time-pass per person only, time-passes cannot be shared between customers.

Time pass lasts for 2 hours exactly from the time the card is first swiped in a game or attraction. Time on time passes cannot be stopped. Any unused time cannot be saved, used at a later date or refunded.

Each rider must present their own separate Time-Pass at each attraction prior to riding the attraction.